Ten C-suite digital transformation statistics

January 15, 2014    

Taken from our digital transformation statistics presentation, the following snippets provide some insight as to the current state of digital knowledge and strategy within senior management.

Although there’s always a degree of bias when it comes to stats such as these, there’s still some truth behind the headlines: We see a lot of senior executives struggling to grasp digital transformation processes and we’ve even created a specialist management training course as a result of this.

But thinly-veiled service promotions aside, here’s some numbers we use in discussions around why digital imperatives are increasingly continuing to become the focus of the C-suite.

  1. 27% of senior executives rate digital transformation as now being “a matter of survival”
  2. 87% of companies feel that digital transformation is a competitive opportunity
  3. Executives estimate that at best, their companies are 25% of the way toward realizing the end-state vision for their digital programs
  4. 33% of organisations see digital transformation as a huge challenge
  5. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of staff believe that senior management digital knowledge is average or less
  6. 77% of companies consider missing digital skills as the key hurdle to their digital transformation
  7. Only 15% of senior executives can be considered “mature” adopters of digital technology
  8. 51% of senior executives believe that it is critical to implement digital transformation in the next twelve months
  9. For 63% of senior executives, the pace of digital transformation isn’t happening quickly enough
  10. 52% of senior executives cite a lack of familiarity with technology to be a barrier to digital transformation

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[Image credit: Editor B]